By Francis Marion – First Published October 11th, 2016


Athena sits beside me.

She who does battle

with Poseidon

cradles her rifle

on her lap.

Her brother

sits behind,

his turn now past.

He takes his place

as teacher.

She thinks

He is Ares.

Stand this way,

control your breathing

he tells her.

She listens carefully

and squeezes.

Her rifle cracks

and the pop bottle


She is ready for Hermes

so I hand her the wheel.

Her eyes wide

I take the rifle and her seat.

She puts the Jeep

into drive

and bobbles up the mountain,


both left and right.

She finds her own path

down the middle.

Light on the gas,

aware of the brake

until she reaches

the top.

It’s quite the view

from Olympus

so she pauses

sees Titans

and sighs,

then hands me

back the keys.

Thank you, daddy.

You’re welcome

of course.

You are

after all,


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