My Fellow Deplorables


By Francis Marion – Deplorable Legio III Gallica – First Published November 13th, 2016

My fellow deplorables.

A few days ago the freedom loving peoples of the western world dealt the corporate, marxist elite and their snowflake minions a terrible blow. In spite of relentless media support for the Clinton crime family and their vast network of corporate and national/international political handlers the official narrative and the direction of politics, culture, and economy in the West has hit a sudden and by and large, unexpected road block.

For us, the outnumbered, the harassed, the badgered and the marginalized this has been a major victory. And while I believe you should savor this moment I must caution you that this particular battle, while hard-fought and honestly won, will be only one in a series of many more that must be pursued if we are to save what remains of our once majestic and proud civilization.
Since my last communication with you, many have written me and asked myself and others to show our cultural and political opponents some degree of quarter and to exercise diplomacy. Some have suggested that it is time to extend a hand and provide guidance to the young adults among us who are confused and shiftless. But I must remind you that we are still at war and in a position of weakness.

Globally and to some degree, domestically, evening in the US, we are currently outnumbered and control very little if anything in the halls of political power and in the corporate media. With regards to the media, I believe this will be an ongoing and lopsided fight that will never tilt in our favor. And while I expect that many individuals sitting on the sidelines and even some from the opponents camp will join us in time this is not the moment to let our guard down.

Ironically, as Michael Moore recently pointed out, Donald Trump was a molotov cocktail thrown into the establishment’s camp. And while we can all clearly see that their tents are ablaze I and many others do not trust that they will continue to burn without our assistance.

The beast that is the financial/marxist establishment is wounded but still alive. Its armies are scattered, confused and rioting but will soon regroup to push back against our phalanx. As such, now is not the time for idle navel-gazing or gratuitous self-congratulation. Our spears and shields must remain in position and our attack must be pressed forward. The enemy must be pursued, hunted down, humiliated and destroyed.

Information regarding the corruption and illegal activities of the Clinton regime and its international cabal of financial terrorists and supporters must continue to be mined and leaked to the public. We must continue to shine the light on corruption and illegal activities in every corner of every government and financial institution touched by the Clintonistas and their pay for play foundation.

Moreover, we must continue to press the fight culturally online, in print and wherever the media rears its dishonest and vile head. Progressives must continue to be trolled and humiliated on university campuses, blogs and in halls of power everywhere. The meme war must continue and the pendulum must be pushed to swing in our favor.

With Trump’s inauguration still many weeks away, and with a wounded and flailing progressive beast with scores more than our collective political and financial power combined, still gnashing and clawing its way through your country, anything can happen. We must expect the unexpected, protect our flank and keep watch over hidden trails that might lead to our rear.

Assuming your new president-elect makes it to office our task will become two-fold. We must continue to press the attack against the globalists outside our continent and within your institutions domestically while simultaneously holding your new government accountable to its promises. Indeed, Trump is a weapon of mass establishment destruction capable of routing our enemies and preserving our way life but we must not forget from whence he came.

America is and remains the heart of modern western civilization and the fountain from which the tree of liberty drinks and grows. It is ground zero and must not be lost. If it is won then the rest of our civilization can be saved.

This war will not soon be over nor will it be easily won. But shield to shield, shoulder to shoulder and nation to nation without our governments and indeed, in many cases in spite of them, we push onward.

After all,

We are deplorable. We are alpha. And as brothers, once more unto the breach, we go.

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