4 thoughts on “Have Rifle. Will Travel.

    • Lots of stuff planned for 2017. Will accomplish as much as my marriage will allow. 🙂 We’ll start posting in the fall once we build up a larger archive of video footage. My fifteen-year-old son is the editing genius so I have to work around his school schedule too. Could be November before we start releasing stuff.


  1. Excellent FM. I cannot post on the platform for several days now. Hey, even your first bear encounter some would find intriguing. Flatlanders have very few mammalian dangers. Livestock, rofl.


    • MM,

      TBP is now using a captcha option in the comments section to get rid of bots etc I believe. I’d just email Jim and let him know the trouble you’re having. He’ll probably have TMWNN figure it out.


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